About Pangea Global Resources

pangea global resources

” Pangea global resources is a contract mining and labour solutions company to mining , industrial asset management and healthcare services “

Pangea Global Resources is an Oil and gas, mining and healthcare services provider that provides HME mobile maintenance, and equipment rebuilds for the resources sector and healthcare with a global footprint across in America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We have a solid presence in the market and the expertise to help unlock your business potential. You can rely on us to help you boost output, cut expenses, respond to market shifts, and realise your expansion goals.  

From our humble beginning 30 years ago, Pangea mining group was founded in the desert of Texas contract mobile maintenance mining drill and haul, Tete Mozambique, Mpumalanga South Africa coal mines mobile maintenance service and repairs. 

15 years later Pangea health group was formed to fill up the need to supply care services around Europe and America.

In 2015 Pangea Global Resources was formed from the amalgamation of the two entities to streamline our global resources service footprint.

Our Core Values

We global deliver a streamline range of services including:

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